• 100% polypropylene profile
  • Water resistant and can be washed
  • Three color options: White, Gold, Pearl
  • Suitable for use up to 150 kgs. It is made of one piece so it is durable
  • The possibility of breakage, straching and deformation is very low
  • Produced from UV added raw material. It is resistant to sunlight
  • Stackable solutions for space saving design, easy to clean

Dimensions: w: 410mm d: 400mm seating h: 440mm total h: 940mm

Weight: 3,95 kg

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Product Colors


Plastic Wedding Chiavari Chair Made in Turkey

Plastic chairs are elegant ways to design event halls to improve aesthetics and enhance the goal and structure of the events. These chairs made in Turkey are one-piece furniture available in gold, white, and pearl with a polypropylene profile that supports use in indoor and outdoor environments. The lightweight chairs are designed to withstand sizeable human weight without cracking or breaking and are available in various dimensions.

Plastic Chiavari chairs made in Turkey are stackable, lightweight chairs that support weddings and other outdoor occasions. The chair’s profile is ergonomically shaped to provide maximum comfort and have sturdy legs that ensure stability. The chairs are resistant to sunlight and defamation, are washable and thus, can be easily cleaned when not in use.

Reasons to purchase a plastic Chiavari chair made in Turkey


These Chiavari chairs produced in Turkey are impact and sun resistant chairs. Made with a polypropylene profile, the chairs are capable of withstanding significant weight. The chairs are designed with materials of high strength and are immune to the effects of heat. The profile possesses corrosive properties that resist the effects of chemicals and allow for safe usage. It has fibreglass properties, high tensile strength, and UV protection features. With these features, the chair is less prone to cracks, breakage, and deformation.


Turkish chair manufacturers design the chair with comfortable features. The chairs have a polypropylene profile that helps reduce fatigue, body pains, and ergonomics while improving the user’s posture. The chairs are very stable with a standard seating height and are suitable for various kinds of guests.


Although these Chiavari chairs look good on their own, adding styling materials helps accentuate the looks and give a unique outlook. The chairs can be designed with satin, burlap, lace, and chiffon. They can be styled in different ways and arranged in various patterns to suit the event type. The styling materials can be used to match the event’s colours and make the guests more comfortable.

Weight and Stacking

The chairs are easily stacked. They are lightweight, elegant furniture that can be easily maneuvered, transported, and stacked. The chairs, weighing about 3.95kg, supports a weight of up to 150kg.


The chairs are plastic chairs that can be easily washed with water, a bristle brush, and mild soap.

Variations and versatility

The chairs can be customized to different colours such as white, pearl, and gold. Turkish designers also customize the chair to suit the buyer’s preference. The Chiavari chairs support use in an indoor and outdoor environment in event types such as events, ballroom, and banquets.


The chairs are made with high safety regulations. They are fire-resistant and act as electrical insulators. The chairs are safe and comfortable and can be used by persons of different sizes and ages.


Wedding Chiavari chairs made in Turkey are durable and comfortable pieces of furniture that can be styled differently to suit the event hall design. The chairs are stackable, versatile, and can be easily maintained.

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