– Frame:
  • 25x25x2mm aluminium profile
  • Durable electrostatic paint for all metal parts
  • Limitless frame color options

– Foam and Fabric:
  • Seating: 80mm thickness, W55 dns polyurethane foam with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Back: 3cm grey sponge with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Huge varieties for stain-free fabrics
  • Neat and straight stitching details
– Anti scratch rubber protection for stacking
– Space saver 12 pcs stacking capacity

w: 450mm d: 600mm seating h: 480mm total h: 930mm

Weight: 5.3 kg

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Optional Accessories

Frame Colors

Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Classic Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Elegant Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Aluminium Banquet Chair Produced in Turkey

Aluminium banquet chairs are designed for wedding occasions, ballroom events, banquets, restaurants, sports and social clubs, training sessions, lectures, conferences, conventions, and meetings. These chairs, designed by Turkish manufacturers, are created for convenient and versatile use; thus, they are stackable, lightweight, and easily maintained. These chairs help create the mood for the occasion by giving off an appealing look to event decorations and setting the mood for occasions. Turkish banquet chairs are made with long-lasting features such as an aluminium frame, upholstered seat and backrest, and firm joints. The chairs are also properly welded to provide optimum user stability and are less prone to dents, breakages, and cracks.

The chairs are produced in several types of frame colours and seat types to ensure that the buyer’s needs are available. Additionally, the chairs’ flexible profile helps provide additional comfort to the user, making the chair fit for a long duration of use.

Things to consider when purchasing an aluminium banquet chair produced in Turkey


Banquet chairs made in Turkey are manufactured to fit a multipurpose use. The chairs have a standard height that is suitable for both children and adults. Their flexible models make it fit for use in dining rooms, gardens, charity events, churches, weddings, conferences, lobbies, training sessions, lectures, ballroom events, and banquets. The chairs support use in indoor and outdoor spaces, in warm and dry weather conditions.

Back Rest and Seat Padding

The backrest of the Turkish aluminium banquet chairs is made with a grey sponge which helps to keep the user in the proper sitting posture while maintaining adequate blood circulation, relieving the body and muscle pains, and reducing ergonomics. The seat padding, made of polyurethane foam, is a moisture-resistant, non-electrical conductor, tear and impact resistant foam type that allows for flexible sitting positions of the guest. The padding of the seat provides additional comfort to the user and supports long hours of sitting.


The chairs produced by Turkish manufacturers are made of solid frames to provide balance and ensure long-lasting use. The aluminium frames are structured to withstand the impacts of heavy and consistent use by enhancing the tensile, compressive, yield, and impact strength. With this, the chairs are more resistant to shattering, dents, cracks, and effects of enormous weight.


The chairs we lightweight, weighing about 5.8kg. This lightness of the chairs allows for convenient use and easy transportation and manoeuvring. It is also for easy stacking and retrieval when needed.


These chairs produced in Turkey are stackable. They support a stacking height of about 8 to 12 piles high and can be transported easily with a trolley. The lightweight and stackability of the chair make it a convenient choice for chairs needed for regular use.


Turkish aluminium banquet chairs make suitable choices when choosing chairs for multipurpose use. The chairs are highly durable, flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to maintain. They are also budget-friendly, convenient to use, and are available in different designs and shapes.

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