• Wooden back as option
  • Solid wood top for armrests
  • MDF side covers
  • Steel construction seat frame 19×1,20×2,5mm.
  • Mechanical parts are ppc plastic material in order to prevent corrosion
  • Backrest and underside of the seat is beechwood
  • Density of the foam: 50-55 kg/ m3
  • Fire retardancy level : MVSS-32/ B CLASS
  • Height: 97 cm, Back Height: 75 cm, Seat Length: 44 cm, Seat Width: 45 cm, Back Width: 55 cm
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Wooden Side and Back Panel Selections



Benefits of Polypropylene Injection Moulding


  • Lighter weight
  • Rust free
  • Maintenance-free, no paint necessary, easy to clean
  • Precise dimensions
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Smooth edges, no sharp edges
  • 100% recyclable, environmentally-friendly

Fabric Selection For Auditorium and Conference Hall Seatings

Classic Fabric Selection For Auditorium and Conference Hall Seatings

Elegant Fabric Selection For Auditorium and Conference Hall Seatings

Auditorium and Conference Hall Seating Made in Turkey

Choosing the right kind of conference and auditorium seating type plays a vital role in determining the hall’s functionality, appearance, and usability and the satisfaction of the guests. Turkish Chair manufacturers design ergonomics, durable, and stylish chairs

The seating patterns and typically affects the audience participation, aesthetics, and sightlines. The chairs should be arranged flexibly to allow for convenient movement. BCF chair manufacturers produce chairs with advanced engineering mechanisms to ensure the versatility of these multipurpose halls. The chairs are covered with easy-to-maintenance fabrics, cushioned for optimum comfort, and generally designed to improve hall aesthetics and user convenience.

The chairs are designed with fire retardant properties that are very friendly for human use to promote safety. Its durable frames are resistant to cracks and damages and are easily maintained.

Reasons to Purchase Turkish Auditorium and Conference Hall Seating

Customization Options

Turkish chair manufacturers offer multiple customization services for buyers. Brand embroidery, logos, lightning effect, chair mechanism, folding tablets, recliner system, and lighting effects can all be customized with the Banquet Chair Factory, BCF. The company also offers installation services to buyers on any floor of their choice.


The BCF furniture professionals provide multipurpose seating types for auditoriums and conference halls. These seat types are suitable for teachings, training, seminars, cinema, and conferences.

Writing Tablets

The chair manufacturers design the chairs with writing tablets to suit the versatility of the hall. The anti-panic writing pad is the most suitable of them all. These pads allow the user’s flexible movement by automatically moving back in place when the user suddenly gets up.  The chair designers also produce other writing boards such as the chain-link writing board and the connection writing board. These boards can be connected to the chair using a hinge.

Seat Mechanism

The seat mechanism is essential to ensure a flexible movement of the user. Adjustable chair types such as the retractable seat are most preferable. A retractable seat type such as the dampening return mechanism is suitable as it produces less noise and is less aggressive, giving the user ample time to sit back before rebounding. On the other hand, the spring steel mechanism retractable the seat rebounds faster and does not give ample time for the user to sit back before retracting.

Noise Control

The noise control system is fundamental. This helps to keep unwanted noise out and allows the audience to improve focus. Additionally, acoustics helps to improve listening conditions and sound distribution.

Standing feet

The standing feet helps to improve the convenience of the user when sitting and while standing up. The standing feet, which could be curved, fixed, or arched, provides ample space for the user to move conveniently.

Seat covers

Attractive yet affordable types of seat covers are very suitable. The seat covers should also be easy to maintain.


BCF are professional chair manufacturers in Turkey that produce versatile and comfortable furniture for durable use. The chairs have high-end acoustics mechanisms and attractive designs.

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