– Flexible back gives ultimate comfort
– Frame:
  • 25x25x2mm aluminium profile
  • Durable electrostatic paint for all metal parts
  • Limitless frame color options
– Foam and Fabric
  • Seating: 80mm thickness, 55 dns polyurethane foam with 14mm OSB wooden support
  • Back: 3cm grey sponge with 11mm plywood wooden support
  • Huge varieties for stain-free fabrics
  • Neat and straight stitching details
– Anti scratch rubber protection for stacking
– Space saver 8 pcs stacking capacity

Dimensions: w: 450mm d: 590mm seating h: 480mm total h: 930mm

Weight: 6.2 kg

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Frame Colors

Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

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Elegant Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs


The landscape view of any event center and conference hall photo is a beauty, more so, what makes it even picture perfect is the furniture’s and intact seating arrangements. The FLC08 flexible back banquet chair gets you that. This aluminum chair got premium quality that last long and super strong.

The aluminum profile frame gives the chair complete robustness and endurance for long hours of sitting, the fabrics pattern and color are unlimited and comes in various colors and design that easily blends into any occasion theme. An important part is that these Turkish producers introduced the lightweight feature, weighing about 6.2kg this chair is light and can be stacked 10 piles high without fall.


Things to consider when purchasing a flexible back banquet chair produced in Turkey

These super flexible back chairs made in Turkey are particularly designed furniture. However, a few factors should be highlighted and put to consideration before users can purchase


These aluminum frame chairs produced in turkey are made to last long, despite it could be used in banquet and conference. It also makes this chair an easy option for any occasion. Its versatility also cut across domestic use, as it could be individuals at home for sit outs, house party, home celebration. This chair shows full length of versatility as it can be used for occasions, club houses, sit out, eateries, even domestic use.

Durability and flexibility

aluminum profile frame gives this chair insistence and rigidity for a long-term use. This chair is designed with tensile structure to withstand pressure of weight and weather. The electrostatic paint keeps the body of the chair looking neat and intact despite outdoor use. With the new improved technology, this chair has the ability to stretch its back without fall or break for a long time, giving user that back comfort and ease even in long sitting time. The fabric stiches are neat and tight keeping the cover material intact, avoiding tears.

Comfort and stacking

In top occasions, every guest comes to have a great time, a comfortable chair is the perfect welcome. This Turkish flexible back chair producers had that in mind. The 11mm OSB wooden support and extra flex that gives balance to the rear while sitting with the widened backrest that assures relaxation and flexibility. This feature of these chairs helps keep the user’s body in check, avoiding aches, joint pain, and tiredness. Chair stacking is quite important for mobility and portability, that’s the manufacturers of this chairs made it stackable with slim lining to lap in easily and make pile of stack for up to 12 chairs high.


The uniqueness of versatility, durability, and flexibility. The aluminum profile frame gives the chair severity, with the Durable electrostatic paint for all metal parts keeping the body intact for a long time even in harsh weather and rough conditions. The new improved technology for easy flexibility and movement. So if you love quality, then you love this Turkish product

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