– Frame:
  • 25x25x1,2mm metal profile
  • Durable electrostatic paint for all metal parts
  • Limitless frame color options

– Foam and Fabric:
  • Seating: 80mm thickness, W55 dns polyurethane foam with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Back: 3cm grey sponge with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Huge varieties for stain-free fabrics
  • Neat and straight stitching details
– Anti scratch rubber protection for stacking
– Space saver 12 pcs stacking capacity

w: 450mm d: 600mm seating h: 480mm total h: 930mm

Weight: 7.7 kg

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Frame Colors

Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Classic Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Elegant Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs


The success of every event depends on how individuals were satisfied, even down to the furniture satisfaction. The turkey banquet metal gives hundred percent satisfaction to users making it an easy choice for occasion, weddings, gatherings, meetings. Etc. the metal chair versatility cuts across domestic use, external use, internal use. The chair is designed to withstand weight, harsh use, external weather conditions. Its body frame is solidly made out of 25x25x2mm metal profile built for endurance, power and longevity. The chair comes with a solid backseat rest that gives comfortability. These chairs are space economic and can be piled up to 8 piles high without fall or bended legs. The chair is evenly shaped and assures sitting comfort for people with different physique and sizes. It has a standard height that fits anyone even kids are most comfortable sitting on it.


Things to consider when purchasing an aluminum banquet chair produced in Turkey


This turkey metal chair was built for versatility and power. This chair can be used for wedding, ceremony, organization meeting, conferences. They also go out of their way to satisfy user attending gym sessions, hangouts, churches, charity events, sports, social clubs etc. This chair is best for large gatherings and economical in space.


Many users’ preference swings around strong products that’s why the turkey metal chair has made it way through the market. With the strong metal profile and a premium backrest, this chair is built to last. The 3cm grey sponge with 11mm OSB wooden support helps balances the back, giving strength to the legs despite the weight. This metal chair can last for years without bend or breaks.


Comfortable chairs are highly sort for, this metal banquet chair isn’t anything short of that. The chair is built with features that makes an individual sit for a long period of time without back aches, joint pains or distress. The materials for the fabric work and body of the banquet chairs are skin friendly and does not cause irritations.


Apart from being strong and reliable, this chair are beautifully crafted with different patterns and design for the fabric and different shapes for the outlay foams giving the users multiple options to choose from which suitable for occasions, parties, lounge, hotels and also domestic purposes.


Conveniency is also key in achieving user satisfaction. This metal Turkish chairs are light weight, with same lining on the legs which allow straight lapping which allows stacking up to 8 piles high without bent or broken legs. The 5.8kg chair is space economic due to neat stacking, which helps for mobility and portable.


The Turkish metal chair are user friendly, comfortable to use, light weighted for portability, and multi-purpose. It an be used in weddings, outlets, waiting rooms, conferences, dinner house etc. du to its weight it can be stacked up to 8 piles height without breaks. Limitless frame color options give users diverse choices to pick from that would fit int the mood of any occasion.

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