– Frame:
  • 25x25x1,2mm metal profile
  • Durable electrostatic paint for all metal parts
  • Limitless frame color options

– Foam and Fabric:
  • Seating: 80mm thickness, W55 dns polyurethane foam with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Back: 3cm grey sponge with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Huge varieties for stain-free fabrics
  • Neat and straight stitching details
– Anti scratch rubber protection for stacking
– Space saver 12 pcs stacking capacity

w: 450mm d: 600mm seating h: 480mm total h: 930mm

Weight: 8.2 kg

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Optional Accessories

Frame Colors

Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Classic Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Elegant Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Metal Banquet Chair Made in Turkey

Metal banquet chairs are versatile pieces of furniture used for indoor and outdoor events to enhance banquet decorations. This classic and luxurious furniture provides comfort to guests during an event and can be arranged to suit any sitting pattern or design. The Turkish metal chair is suitable for balls, weddings, conferences, training, and meetings. It is designed to provide a long duration of comfort regardless of the length of use; thus, these chairs are reliable options to provide optimum satisfaction to guests. It has an added advantage of being durable, economical and lightweight; hence it is cost-efficient, space-saving, and convenient to use. 

However, before purchasing metal banquet chairs, consider these essential features;


The strength of the chair helps to determine how long-lasting and consistent the chair can be used. It also determines the suitability of the chair to withstand prolonged and heavy use by the buyers. Metal banquet chairs produced in Turkey have equitable strength to resist damage resulting from long hours of use. The chairs are made with compositions and processes by chair manufacturers that strengthen them to withstand much weight. Also, the joints of the chairs are firmly jointer to resist cracks, dents, and breakage. 


Metal banquet chairs produced in Turkey are renowned for displaying stable features despite heavy use. The chairs have durable finishing and high strength that resists wear and tear. The chair factories in Turkey ensure that the chairs are firmly padded to improve comfort and withstand long years of use without getting torn. Additionally, the anti-scratch protection features add to durability by preventing scratches to the chairs.

Portability and Maintenance

Chair manufacturers in Turkey ensure that the metal chair is thin enough to be carried around easily. The weight, about 6.5kg, allows for improved convenience, modern outlook and is suitable for regular transportation. The event chair also requires minimal maintenance to retain its classic look. A soft brush, water, and soap are suitable cleaning agents for metal event chairs produced in Turkey.


Chair producers in Turkey ensure the chairs are thin and light to maximize high stacking capacity. The metal event chair supports up to 12 pieces of stacking capability. This allows for increased space-saving as well as convenience in transportation.


The chair supports high stacking and is easy to store. Also, during long periods of no use, the chairs should be protected with chair covers to avoid ice tubing.


The comfort provided by the chairs determines the satisfaction of the guest. To enhance this, chair producers in Turkey ensure the chairs are firmly padded in the seat and backrest for increased comfort and durability. Buyers should try out the comfort provided by the chair before purchase. The chairs also have flexible backs to reduce ergonomics and improve the sitting posture.


These chairs are budget-friendly and have a low cost of maintenance


Metal banquet chairs produced in Turkey have exotic features to enhance event outlook and improve the success of an event. Its high comfortability, durability, and strength make it a perfect choice for various occasions.

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