– Frame:
  • 25x25x2mm aluminium profile
  • Durable electrostatic paint for all metal parts
  • Limitless frame color options

– Foam and Fabric:
  • Seating: 80mm thickness, W55 dns polyurethane foam with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Back: 3cm grey sponge with 11mm OSB wooden support
  • Huge varieties for stain-free fabrics
  • Neat and straight stitching details
– Anti scratch rubber protection for stacking
– Space saver 12 pcs stacking capacity

w: 650mm d: 600mm seating h: 480mm total h: 930mm

Weight: 6.5 kg

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Optional Accessories

Frame Colors

Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Classic Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Elegant Fabric Selection For Aluminium Banquet Chairs

Aluminum Banquet Chair With Armrests Made in Turkey

Turkish aluminium furniture has varieties of chairs, such as those with armrests. The armrests help to provides additional comfort and improve movement and posture. These chairs help reduce spine pressure and muscle loads on the arms, shoulder, and neck. It also reduces 10% of the user’s body weight on these body parts, thereby alleviating stress in the user’s back.

The banquet chairs with armrests serve the purpose of providing comfort to the user and are suitable for banquet halls, ballrooms, outdoor spaces, lobbies, and conference rooms. The chairs support high stacking, are available in different fabric colours to match multiple event designs. 

Essential features of Aluminium Banquet Chair With Armrests

Padded Armrests

Armrests are ergonomic features of chairs that support various sitting postures, reducing inconvenience and fatigue in the arms, neck, spine,  and the degeneration of shoulder tendons. This lack of constraint in the body’s movement improves blood circulation and reduces the risks of developing muscular-skeletal disorders, especially after many hours of sitting. Chairs with armrests is a versatile and excellent choice for hotel restaurants, banquets, schools, conferences, wedding ceremonies, and hotel parties. However, before purchasing Aluminum banquet chairs produced in Turkey, the width and height of the armrests should be appropriately adjusted to suit maximal comfort.


Banquet chairs with armrests provide additional comfort that reduces fatigue. However, the thickness of the foam used in padding the seat, armrests, and backrest should be evaluated. Aluminium banquet chairs with armrests manufactured in Turkey has an 80mm foam thickness in the seat with similar padding in the backrest. The armrests are also well padded and rightly positioned.


The Turkish aluminium banquet chair with armrests are stackable. It is convenient to store, supporting up to 12 pieces stacking capacity. The stacking feature allows for easy cleaning up and quick assembly. Being stackable makes the chair more comfortable due to the firm padding and durability as it is structured to withstand frequent heavy use.The chairs also have a scratch rubber protection feature on the chair’s legs to prevent scratches to the chairs.


The chair is lightweight, at about 6.8kg. The lightweight makes it easy to move around and store conveniently.


Stackable chairs are highly durable furniture. They are made to withstand frequent use without sustaining damage. The chairs are firmly padded to prevent wearing out.

The aluminium frame is coated to enhance resistance and durability for consistent use. The aluminium chair frames are resistant to corrosion, thus requiring a low level of maintenance.


The aluminium frame is relatively strong enough to withstand adverse outdoor weather. The backrest is also flexible and durable to support significant weight.

Colour Variations

The colour variations are limitless on aluminium chairs. Buyers can choose easy to maintain and suit event decorations.


These aluminium banquet chairs with armrests are a comfortable piece of long-lasting and stackable furniture that is suitable for various kinds of use in lobbies, conference rooms, parties, and banquet halls. The chairs are made to eliminate fatigue and muscular-skeletal disorders.

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