• Wooden back as option
  • Solid wood top for armrests
  • MDF side covers
  • Steel construction seat frame 19×1,20×2,5mm.
  • Mechanical parts are ppc plastic material in order to prevent corrosion
  • Backrest and underside of the seat is beechwood
  • Density of the foam: 50-55 kg/ m3
  • Fire retardancy level : MVSS-32/ B CLASS
  • Height: 102 cm, Seat Width: 47 cm, Seat Height: 44 cm


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Wooden Side and Back Panel Selections



Benefits of Polypropylene Injection Moulding


  • Lighter weight
  • Rust free
  • Maintenance-free, no paint necessary, easy to clean
  • Precise dimensions
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Smooth edges, no sharp edges
  • 100% recyclable, environmentally-friendly

Fabric Selection For Cinema and Theater Seatings

Classic Fabric Selection For Cinema and Theater Seatings

Elegant Fabric Selection For Cinema and Theater Seatings


The cinema and theatre chairs produced in Turkish do not fall short of perfection, they are known for sheer quality power and endurance. They come multipurpose in nature, which gives absolute relaxation to body and mind. Cinemas and theatre are known for places of relaxation and fun, but these chairs cut across cinemas and be used for auditoriums events, conference halls, art gallery and theatres. These chairs have a strong backrest and seat padding to provide additional comfort to the user. These chairs come light weighted and strong structure which allows steady movement, maneuvering, and maintaining of the chairs in an even smarter way. The chairs come with supportive accessory like the writing desk, and a supportive adjustable limb to more relief.


Things to consider when purchasing a metal banquet chair produced in Turkey

Cinema and theatre chairs made in Turkey are specially designed furniture made for strictly internal use.  However, a few factors should be taken into consideration before purchase and installation.


Created basically for leisure and great viewing experience, this super Turkish chair are multipurpose in nature and can serve varying needs for mainly internal spaces. The chair frame is comfortable to use both in various weather of halls and theatre and even constrained environments. Outdoor spaces such as in conference, meetings, cinemas, theatre for art and culture etc. its use can be stretched for both domestic and commercial uses.


Turkish theatre and cinema chair manufacturers make sure that the chairs are forged to support long and steady use. The chairs are designed to withstand the effects of heat damage, forceful hit, theatre accident etc. The frames, made from core Steel construction seat frame are super strong and robust with triple linings that helps withstand shock and heavyweight effects, Mechanical parts are PPC plastic material in order to prevent corrosion. Also, the skin of this chair is well coated and shielded against scratches, diminishing, and pill offs. These chairs are firm and was carefully built as solid structure that has maintained usableness for a long time. They are suitable for any rough indoor event and do not accommodate wears and tear.


Despite how strong these chairs are, they come in different style, models and design to inject diversity and uniqueness to its production. The chairs come in different colors that best suits the mood of play or color dressing of the room.

Also, an awesome that this wonder chair bags is the polypropylene injection molding which makes the chair hit top rating. This feature makes the chair lightweight, rust free and better smooth edges giving any user an experience of a lifetime.


Today in top cinemas and theatre houses furniture’s used are gotten from the best producers. The Turkish manufacturers theatre chair is among the best, with versatility, strength and endurance on its side. The chair is built to last despite a consistent use. Steel construction seat frame are strong and is made to resist excess shock and pressure.

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