• Wooden back as option
  • Solid wood top for armrests
  • MDF side covers
  • Steel construction seat frame 19×1,20×2,5mm.
  • Mechanical parts are ppc plastic material in order to prevent corrosion
  • Backrest and underside of the seat is beechwood
  • Density of the foam: 50-55 kg/ m3
  • Fire retardancy level : MVSS-32/ B CLASS
  • Height: 95 cm, Seat Height : 45 cm, Font Length: 45 cm, Font Width: 45 cm, Back Width: 50 cm
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Wooden Side and Back Panel Selections



Benefits of Polypropylene Injection Moulding


  • Lighter weight
  • Rust free
  • Maintenance-free, no paint necessary, easy to clean
  • Precise dimensions
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Smooth edges, no sharp edges
  • 100% recyclable, environmentally-friendly

Fabric Selection For Cinema and Theater Seatings

Classic Fabric Selection For Cinema and Theater Seatings

Elegant Fabric Selection For Cinema and Theater Seatings


When it comes to comfort, theatres and cinemas are usually the first-place individuals go for relief minds and body, the furniture selected for these places are well made in a good form to impress the users. buyer is very meticulous in the item they select; they rather take the ones with the best features that adds versatility to the form. Cinemas chairs made in Turkey are designed with lightweight and durable properties such as ppc plastic material in order to prevent corrosion, making it more suitable for consistent and heavy use.


These chairs were built individually and comes with a join-in technology that can attach two chairs perfect for couples. These cinemas chairs have attracted the steel construction seat frame frames which makes it soothing and most suitable for use, such as meetings in auditorium, cinemas, party and VR (virtual reality) show, conferences and waiting room. The slender and smooth looks of the chairs allow for quick fashioning with different styles and models made for fit any individuals. These Turkish chairs are also easy to maintain and suited for various use. The layered back of this chair are wooden giving the user balanced and comfortable even for a long period of use


Things to consider when purchasing a metal banquet chair produced in Turkey

The cinema and theatre chairs made in Turkey are particularly designed furniture. However, a few factors should be highlighted and put to consideration before users can purchase


This Turkish cinema and theatre chairs are dense chairs. They are rust resistant and very stretchy. The frames have a high load-bearing capacity to withstand the weighty pressure, and are designed with high compressive, impact, yield, and tensile strength. This makes it suitable to endure the effects of heavy use without getting dented. Although the chair comes in light weight, it can survive harsh weather

The chair comes with Steel construction seat frame which gives it absolute strength despite rough handles by multiple users.


These Turkish super chairs are organized to resist the effects of oxidations, corrosion, fading and indenting. That’s why the Mechanical parts are ppc plastic material to maintain its appearance.  The chairs have compact parts that are resolutely soldered and are strong, well-made, and reliable. They are not likely to crush, bend, break, and destroy. They are layered with super materials so owner don’t bother about wear and tear

Polypropylene Injection Moulding

This feature is very crucial in the full composition as this helps the chair to be lighter, rust free and no paint needed so no worries for paint denting. This features it environmentally friendly, so despite a rough day your day at the cinema and theatre will keep you relaxed.


the cinema and theatre chair are impressively awesome. With its armrest, comfortability is assured, with the wooden back relief is certain and a comfortable steel frame gives every individual sitting experience an awesome one. So if you are picky with furniture this is your best pick

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