• Wooden back as option
  • Solid wood top for armrests
  • MDF side covers
  • Steel construction seat frame 19×1,20×2,5mm.
  • Mechanical parts are ppc plastic material in order to prevent corrosion
  • Backrest and underside of the seat is beechwood
  • Density of the foam: 50-55 kg/ m3
  • Fire retardancy level : MVSS-32/ B CLASS
  • Height: 100 cm, Back Height : 70 cm, Seat Width : 45 cm Seat Length: 45 cm, Headrest Length: 6 cm
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Wooden Side and Back Panel Selections



Benefits of Polypropylene Injection Moulding


  • Lighter weight
  • Rust free
  • Maintenance-free, no paint necessary, easy to clean
  • Precise dimensions
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Smooth edges, no sharp edges
  • 100% recyclable, environmentally-friendly

Fabric Selection For Auditorium and Conference Hall Seatings

Classic Fabric Selection For Auditorium and Conference Hall Seatings

Elegant Fabric Selection For Auditorium and Conference Hall Seatings

Auditorium And Conference Seating Made in Turkey

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the seating option for auditoriums and conferences. Buyers need to consider the durability, comfort, cushioning, accessibility, spacing, fabrics, finishes, arm and backrest type, acoustics and sound control. Banquet Chair Factory provides services that allow for the customization of the buyer’s preferences.

BCF is a chair manufacturing company in Turkey that handles seating options in convention centres, meeting rooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, cinemas, and theatres. The company combines high-end artistry Babs experience to create high-quality seats for various kinds of halls. Additionally, they offer expert advice in seating accessories, arrangement, and pattern.  The company offers a lifetime warranty on all installed seating options.

Due to the versatility of hall purposes nowadays, multipurpose hall seating options are excellent choices to provide comfort to guests regardless of the use of the hall. 

Consider these parts when purchasing seating options for multipurpose use;


The BCF acoustic sound engineer manufactures high-end chairs that improve rya sound quality and control noise distribution. Noise dampening is essential for any auditorium use. The acoustic foams help to reduce noise pollution and reverberation. This, in turn, improves the user focus, creates a clearer mind and improves the audibility of the relevant sounds.


BCF engineers are seasoned experts trained in the proper installation of seating types. The engineers can fix the seats on either flat or sloppy areas securely to promote user safety and prevent accidents. The engineers also install and manufactures any tiering structures you desire

Customization and Logo Branding

BCF manufacturers offer customization services like creating cup holders, writing tablets, lightning and recliner systems. Logos and embroidery can also be branded to create a unique look. The fabrics and finishes are high-end modern materials to beautify the face of the hall. Furthermore, leather finishes, fixed desks, and folding tablets are part of the customization services offered.

Seat Mechanism

The seat mechanism should also be considered. A retractable seat mechanism is more advisable for auditorium, conference, and cinema. Buyers should choose the dampening return mechanism that rebounds slowly, is less aggressive and noiseless. This helps to prevent distraction and boost satisfaction. 

Additional Aesthetics Functions

Additional functions like armrest storage, cup and phone holder, aisle lighting, LED panels, seat lettering and numbering, abs adjustable backrests are ways to improve the outlook of the auditorium.


Choosing the right seating option, accessory, and arrangement has been made easier with Turkey’s Banquet Chair Manufacturing company. They guide you in playing advisory functions to guide your decisions and seasoned technicians to meet your desires.

The chair factory in Turkey produces highly durable and comfortable pieces of furniture. They also offer customization and Logo branding services with a lifetime warranty plan. Their sound system is top-notch, and the installation team is knowledgeable.

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