• 100% polypropylene profile
  • Water resistant and can be washed
  • Five color options: White, Gold, Pearl, Black and Silver
  • Suitable for use up to 150 kgs. It is made of one piece so it is durable
  • The possibility of breakage, straching and deformation is very low
  • Produced from UV added raw material. It is resistant to sunlight
  • Stackable solutions for space saving design, easy to clean

Dimensions: w: 400mm d: 370mm seating h: 430mm total h: 910mm

Weight: 3,82 kg

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Plastic Chiavari Wedding Chair Made In Turkey

Turkish wedding Chiavari chairs are types of seating option that provides maximal comfort and durability to its buyer. The chairs are bamboo-like jointed designs that help to create a great outlook on event hall decorations. The chairs are versatile kinds of furniture that support indoor and outdoor occasions. They are likened to be easy to use chairs as they are easily washable after. Their stackable nature allows for convenient storage, transportation, and maneuverability. The chair is lightweight, portable, and supports up to 150kg of weight. They can be arranged into different kinds of seating patterns and us suitable for different sizes of persons. The chairs are designed with a polypropylene profile that increases guest comfort, reduces pain, and props the user in the correct sitting position.

Consider these reasons to purchase a wedding Chiavari chair produced in Turkey.

Long-lasting use

The chairs designed in Turkey are made with durable materials that ensure the chair is used for a considerable long time. The furniture has high-end features such as firmly placed joints and a polypropylene profile that withstands heat and impact. The sturdy frames of the chair are capable of withstanding weight without losing their form or getting cracked. The chairs, suitable for long and heavy use, have UV resistant properties that prevent fading and scratches.


The chairs are multipurpose. They serve as suitable seating options for ballrooms, events, banquets, and auditoriums. Their ergonomic profile makes it a convenient option for long hours of sitting and reduces muscle pains, back and shoulder aches, and encourages the correct sitting posture. They are suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

Multiple Colour Options

Chiavari wedding plastic chairs are designed in a variety of colours. They are available in white, black, cappuccino, pearl, and white. Buyers can purchase a blend of these colours to improve the colour application in events halls. A combination of these colours can also enhance the outlook of the couple’s corner. Additionally, these plastic chairs reflect the light in the area, creating a more appealing look.

Easy Stacking

The chairs are lightweight and can be easily stacked. They are portable, allowing for easy maneuvering and transportation. Its stackable nature allows the chairs to be neatly stored when not in use and retrieved accordingly. For stacking, a piling height of up to 8-12 cases high is recommended.


The chairs are placed on four legs to allow to create stability and comfort for the guest. The legs are firmly established to prevent and can be used for years in the end without getting worn out. The joints are firm, and they are less prone to cracks and deformation.


Turkish designers structure the chairs for maximum comfort. Dear padding is suitable accessories for the chairs.


The Chiavari wedding chair is very stylish. They create a unique look and are suitable for high-profile events.


Turkish plastic Chiavari chairs are high-quality furniture suitable for high-profile events. TheThe chairs create a classic look for different occasions and are available in different colours to create a beautiful outlook.

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