• 100% polypropylene profile
  • Water resistant and can be washed
  • One color option: White
  • Suitable for use up to 150 kgs. It is made of one piece so it is durable
  • The possibility of breakage, straching and deformation is very low
  • Produced from UV added raw material. It is resistant to sunlight
  • Stackable solutions for space saving design, easy to clean

Dimensions: w: 440mm d: 420mm seating h: 430mm total h: 980mm

Weight: 6,3 kg

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Plastic Chiavari Wedding Chair Made In Turkey

Turkish chair manufacturers are high-quality chair makers that employ strategic and elegant ways to enhance the furniture’s comfortability, durability, and versatility. These furniture types are suitable for indoor and outdoor events, even in wet conditions, as they are moisture and rainproof. These Chiavari chairs are available in multiple colours that help improve the decoration of event halls; the transparent chair types reflect the colours of the event halls.

The chairs are economical and stylish furniture to design events. They are intended stackable, lightweight, and in colours such as pink, white, cappuccino, pearl, black, and gold. The chair’s frames are sturdy, firm, and stable to guarantee the safety of the guest. It has a 100% polypropylene profile that is easy to maintain, comfortable for use, and comes with seat padding.

Reasons to purchase a wedding Chiavari chair produced in Turkey


These Chiavari chairs are designed for optimum comfort and satisfaction. The chair comes with a removable seat padding that is firm, dense, and thick. The seat padding helps keep the user in the correct sitting position and develop a proper sitting position reduces body pains. Turkish chair designers manufacture the chairs using a standard seating height that allows people of different shapes and sizes.


The chairs are very durable. Turkish designers structure the parts of the ensure for regular, consistent, and heavy use. The joints are firmly secured to provide balance. These plastic frames are designed to prevent fading, scratches, as the edges are naturally protected. Additionally, it has impacts resistant features that prevent deformations, scattering, and cracks.

Colour Variation

The chairs are available in colours such as black, pearl, white, cappuccino, and gold. The backrest and chair frame are also customizable.

Styling and Use

The chairs support styling with fabrics such as satins, burlaps, laces, and sashes. The materials can be used to create different styling patterns to improve the aesthetics of the event design.


Chiavari chairs are not only suitable for weddings but can be used in dining areas, kitchens, ballrooms, and banquets. Their versatility makes it an economical choice for rental services, hotels, and event hall decorators. The chair can also be arranged in different styles, such as the dining styles, auditorium style, and cabaret seating style.

Multiple Colour Variations

The chairs are available in white, black, cappuccino, pearl, gold, and pink. The transparent colour types reflect the event hall design and help to create an outstanding colour combination, especially for the couple’s corners.

Cost and Maintenance

Turkish manufacturers design chairs that are very budget-friendly chairs. They are washable and thus easy to maintain.


The chairs can be easily stacked. They are lightweight, portable and are accessible to stack and transport. The chairs also have scratch-resistant features that prevent damages when stacking.


Turkish Chiavari chairs are stylish ways to design events in an indoor and outdoor environment. They are very comfortable and durable furniture that can be used for different kinds of events. The chairs have different colours like pink, white, pearl, cappuccino, black, and gold.

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