• 100% polypropylene profile
  • Water resistant and can be washed
  • Five color options: White, Gold, Pearl, Black and Silver
  • Suitable for use up to 150 kgs. It is made of one piece so it is durable
  • The possibility of breakage, straching and deformation is very low
  • Produced from UV added raw material. It is resistant to sunlight
  • Stackable solutions for space saving design, easy to clean

Dimensions: w: 400mm d: 380mm seating h: 430mm total h: 900mm

Weight: 3,85 kg

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Plastic Chiavari Wedding Chair Made In Turkey

Chiavari wedding chairs are uniquely styled bamboo-like furniture that adds elegance to event hall decorations and is suited for indoor and outdoor events. These chairs made in Turkey with a 100% polypropylene profile are fatigue resistant, supporting the placement of the guest in the proper posture. Polypropylene makes the chair moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, durable and rugged. It also serves as a non-conductor of electricity and maintains an excellent tensile strength. 

The chairs are durable, portable, stackable, and available in several colours. The chair has a sophisticated appearance that can suit a casual or formal setting and can be paired with seat cushions and decorated for different wedding themes. It is washable, versatile, and resistant to wear and tear.

Features of plastic wedding Chiavari chairs


The chairs have bamboo-like joints that can be efficiently designed to suit the wedding halls decorations. Chair covers, flowers, bows, sashes, tulle, ribbon strings, and burlap are suitable styling items that can take the event decorations to the next level. Signs can also be used in the chairs to personalize chairs for specific guests. There is a wide variety of designs to dress a plastic wedding Chiavari chair.

Colour Variations

The chair has five flexible colour types; cappuccino, pearl, white, gold, and black. The transparent chair colour type radiates the lightning of the event hall and creates an exciting environment. Buyers can purchase two or more colours of the wedding chair to create a perfect colour combination to suit the event hall decorations.


Plastic Chiavari chairs for weddings have the high tensile strength to withstand heavy impact. The chairs are resistant to stain and wear from long years of use. They are made with a polypropylene profile that makes them tough and resistant to a vast range of chemicals. It has high flexural strength and is an excellent electrical insulator. 


These chairs are very durable. The material colouring of the chairs naturally hides the blemishes and scratches if they occur. The chairs are suitable for daily use, especially in rental services, and are more vital than wooden Chiavari chairs.


The plastic wedding chair requires little to no maintenance routine to keep up the stylish looks of the chair. They can be easily washed with water and cleaned with a brush. They do not require the tightening of screws as in a wooden chair, nor do they need regular paint touch-up as in metal chairs.


These chairs are easily stacked. They are lightweight and support about 6-8 cases high for easy retrieval. The stacking feature allows for convenient storage and portable transportation.


The chairs are made with comfortable features such as the profile of the backrest. The polypropylene profile is also a comfort feature that gives off a soft feeling. It also supports the addition of seat pads to improve comfort and long hours of usage due to its fatigue-resistant shape.


Plastic Chiavari wedding chairs have unique features necessary to provide comfort and elegance to ensure guests’ satisfaction. They are washable chairs that support users in an indoor and outdoor environment and are available in various colours.

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