• 100% polypropylene profile
  • Water resistant and can be washed
  • Five color options: White, Gold, Pearl, Black and Silver
  • Suitable for use up to 150 kgs. It is made of one piece so it is durable
  • The possibility of breakage, straching and deformation is very low
  • Produced from UV added raw material. It is resistant to sunlight
  • Stackable solutions for space saving design, easy to clean

Dimensions: w: 400mm d: 400mm seating h: 430mm total h: 870mm

Weight: 3,9 kg

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Plastic Chiavari Wedding Chair Made In Turkey

Plastic Chiavari wedding chair is a high-end piece of furniture for wedding events. These kinds of chairs made in Turkey can suit almost any type of event decoration. The chairs are available in several colours ranging from back, white, cappuccino, pearl, and gold. They can be beautifully arranged to complement the bride and groom corner and create a soothing feeling.

These Turkish wedding chairs with bamboo-like designs are manufactured in different formats to improve body posture and are available in multiple colour types.

Additionally, this plastic wedding Chiavari chair made in Turkey is perfect for indoor and outdoor events and can be easily washed with water, safe cleaning products, and a brush. The lightweight properties of the chair are durable and fit for long term use. They can also be easily stacked, stored, transported, and maneuvered.

Features of a wedding plastic Chiavari chair


The chair sits on four sturdy legs that help to build when in use. The chair legs are elegantly constructed to withstand widespread impact from constant use. The joints in the chairs are firmly jointed to avoid breakage and create a balance.


These chairs are built for long term use. When stained, it can be washed to maintain its longevity and beauty. The plastics are made with raw materials from ultraviolet rays to resist sunlight that causes fading. The effect of impacts on the chair does not cause the chair to break, deform, or dent. The anti-scratch protection of the chair adds to the durability feature. 

Multi-colour Variations

Chair factories in Turkey provide a colour variety for the plastic wedding Chiavari chair to provide multiple options for buyers. While colour customization is possible, the chairs are available in colours such as cappuccino, white, gold, and pearl. Chairs with transparent colour designs help to reflect the surrounding natural light. 


For rental services searching for portable and elegant pieces of furniture, plastic Chiavari chairs are suitable examples. Being lightweight and weighing about 3.95kg, the chairs are easily stackable. The accessible stacking features enable easy and convenient transportation and storage and are a means to enhance durability as it reduces wear and tear that may result from improper transportation methods.


The chairs are generally budget-friendly. It is a cheaper and more reliable option than metal chairs that are more prone to dents.


The chair provides high-level comfort to users by maintaining resistance to fatigue and elasticity. The chair is made up of safe properties that support fire safety regulations. The chair helps the user maintain an upright posture and comes in handy during long hours of sitting. The backrest is suitable to prevent muscle and backaches. To depict the level of comfortability, buyers should try out the chairs before the purchase.


The chairs have good impact strength due to the use of polypropylene material. The material makes the chair tough and a non-conductor of electricity.


Buyers should endeavour to consider the factors listed above before purchasing the plastic Chiavari chairs for weddings produced in Turkey. The chairs are beautiful, durable, and strong.

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