• Table top 18 mm mdf lam
  • Made of 28×1,2 mm pipe profile
  • Folding leg mechanism
  • Legs are circular iron profile. Dia: 28 mm Thickness: 1,2 mm
  • Leg lock mechanism with steel ball bearing
  • All metal parts are 70 micron electrostatic painted
  • T type impact proof rubber accessory, embedded sides of the table top
  • Stackable on top of each other
  • There is a 1 mm C frame underneath the table which is protecting all leg mechanism when it is stacked
  • Rubber bumpers under the frame to protect the table

300 cm Ø 1/5, 300 cm Ø 1/6, 360 cm Ø 1/5, 360 cm Ø 1/6


76 cm


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Banquet Table Top Swatch

Banquet table top swatch-1

Frame Colors

Sliced Banquet Table Made In Turkey

Selecting the best kind of table centre piece for events can sometimes be challenging. Banquet Table manufacturers have various tables for events; the sliced banquet table is one of them. This table is similar to the shape of a crescent and has two sturdy legs shaped circularly for support. It has a curved centre and straight ends and are more suitable for carving stations in buffets and showcasing desserts and drinks.

The sliced banquet table, also known as the serpentine banquet table, is suitable for special occasions and helps to create a flow of ease in the buffet area. The tables can be used to create unique and beautiful designs to uplift the outlook of the event. They are suitable seating complements in events such as weddings, dinners, get-togethers, and banquets.

Despite being stylish, the chairs are designed for durable use. The steel frames are beautifully arranged to create balance and convenience for the guest.

Benefits of purchasing the sliced banquet table made in Turkey


The serpentine/sliced banquet table can be decorated in various ways. It can be sued singularly or used in pairs to create a half or full circle table. These kinds of tables can create a unique outlook for event halls by adopting a blend of the different styling patterns. The tables are also suitable for various events and support users in an indoor and outdoor environment. They are ideal in the banquet or serving stations in an event and quickly cleaned up after use.


The chair has a solid outlook and is impact resistant. There are protective elements beneath the frame and the steel frames to ensure that the tables do not get damaged when used heavily, not consistently. The tabletop finishing is long-lasting and stylish, and the frame’s painting is appealing. The chair maintains its shiny outlook even after long years of use.


Turkish tables producers design the furniture in various kinds of tabletops, frame types and colours. They can produce a blend of these designs in a unique and attractive form to improve the event design. Buyers can purchase a combination of these varieties for their decorations.


The table can be quickly being lightweight. After stacking, trolleys are effective means to transport the tables from one place to another. The stackable features of these tables help in space-saving, improved user convenience, and tidiness of the space.


The steel frames are very durable alloys. They have the high tensile strength to withstand human weight and are very flexible to support continuous and versatile usage. Its properties make it more resistant to cracks, dents and breakages.


The tabletops and frames can be cleaned with a brush, mild soap and water.

Style and use

A single serpentine table can fit up to four persons. Four serpentine tables can fit up to 12 persons. Table cloths are suitable when designing the tables.


Serpentine or Sliced banquet table made in Turkey is one unique and beautiful way to decorate events venues. These types of tables can fit many kinds of seating arrangements and help to improve the appealing look of the event hall.

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