• Table top 18 mm laminated mdf
  • Optional foldable top for space saving
  • Table top 36 mm thickened laminated mdf
  • T type impact proof rubber accessory, embedded sides of table top
  • 76 mm Ø chrome coated leg
  • 400mm Ø bottom plate with 6 mm weight plate
  • Stainless steel bottom
  • Adjustable feet

80*80 cm, 90*90 cm, 100*100 cm

Hegiht: 76 cm, 110 cm

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Banquet Table Top Swatch

Banquet table top swatch-1

Frame Colors

Cocktail Table Made In Turkey

Turkish cocktail tables are designed in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. The tables are aesthetically designed to ensure diverse usability, optimum comfort, and long-lasting use. The table’s silhouette can be styled with various kinds of materials to suit event hall decorations and blend into designs. These tables produced by chair manufacturers in Turkey are foldable chairs designed to support consistent and heavy use without getting damaged. They can be used in indoor and outdoor environments and support adjustment to suit the user’s preference. Being adjustable, the tables can be used as a high top table, can be leaned on and can also be used as low top tables for guests.

These tables are available in various colours and are manufactured to withstand impacts that may result from heavy use. The frames and tabletops are highly durable and safe for use.

Reasons to purchase a Cocktail Table Made In Turkey

Tabletop Variations

These tables are available in various dimensions. The tabletops can be styled in a circular, rectangular, or squarish manner. The Turkish table producers also design the chairs in different materials such as wood, teak, walnut, ebony, plastic and metal. Additionally, the tabletops have impact-resistant features that prevent damages resulting from bumps. The tables are also designed with an MDF laminated wood that allows for cold and hot environments.

Convenient Storage Options

These tables have foldable tops that allow for convenient storage. With this, the tables can be easily stacked and piled on a trolley and transported without stress. The foldable nature allows for practical space-saving, especially when the table is not in use.

Stability and Durability

Tables designed in Turkey are very durable. The tables have a bottom plate of 400mm that allows for maximum stability when used.  For durability, the frames of the table’s legs are coated with electrostatic paints to avoid rusts, fades, and cratches. The tabletops have impact-resistant features that prevent damages to the tables resulting from bumps. Turkish table manufacturers ensure the joints of the tables are firmly placed to avoid instability. Additionally, the moisture-resistant MDF laminated wood used allows for usage in both cold and warm environments.


Cocktail tables made in Turkey are multipurpose furniture. They support use in indoor and outdoor use for domestic and commercial purposes. The tables can be used in the kitchen, restaurant, bars, cafe, dining area, living room, wedding, terrace, poolside, and garden. Their versatility makes them a very suitable option for rental services, home furnishing, and hotels.

Styling and Use

The tables can be styled with different materials and can be used in different ways. Fabrics such as linens and sashes can be used to highlight the silhouette of the table. Placemats, wooden boxes, flowers, flowerpots and trays are also used for design. The tables can be adjusted and thus used as a low top table and a high full table.


Cocktail tables produced in Turkey are versatile and durable furniture that is foldable and designed with various tabletop materials. They are also comfortable with an adjustable frame.

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