• Table top 36 mm mdf lam
  • All metal parts are 70 micron electrostatic painted
  • Dataport connected

70*140 cm, 70*160 cm, 70*180 cm, 90*140 cm, 90*160 cm, 90*180 cm

Height: 76 cm


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Banquet Table Top Swatch

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Frame Colors

Conference Table With Dataport Made in Turkey

Conference tables with data ports are another variety of the kinds of tables produced in Turkey. The data port on the table provides a connection to the user once plugged. This kind of table is mainly suited for conferences, training, and seminars. The tables producers in Turkey design these kinds of tables to provide convenience and improve the user’s capacity during sessions.

These modern kinds of tables are designed with plates that can suit a wide variety of plugs. They are strategically positioned on the table for ease of reach and are durable, stylish, and entirely safe for use. The chair is shaped rectangularly and can be arranged to suit different seating patterns, such as the classroom style, the U-shaped seating style, the herringbone seating pattern, and the boardroom seating style.

Benefits of Purchasing the Conference Table with Data Port Made in Turkey

Seating Arrangements

These chairs are suitable to be arranged into any seating pattern. They suit various styles such as the classrooms style, the boardroom seating pattern, the herringbone seating style, and the U-shaped seating pattern. They can be blended to suit any event decorations and are available in various colours to fit event decorations.

Tabletop Variations

Chair manufacturers in Turkey can customize the tabletop variation to suit the need of the buyer. Tabletops such as wood, beech, walnut, ebony, teak, and resin tabletops. Although the colours are generally produced in black colours, the chairs can be customized to suit the buyer’s colour choice.

Data Port Availability

The availability of data ports on the conference table is an added advantage that provides connection amongst users on a particular table. The docks have plates that suit a variety of plugs and are strategically positioned for convenience. Users can create a uniform flow and access Internet or electricity connections from the data ports.


The tables are designed for long-term use. The two-legged table has durable leg frames and a tabletop that can withstand the weight. The steel frames have high tensile strength, are flexible, and are more resistant to cracks and damages. The edges are also coated with electrostatic paint to prevent the structures from rusting and fading.

The chairs are solid, firm, stable, and able to withstand continuous and heavy use.

Cost and Maintenance

These tables designed in Turkey have competitive price ranges. Table manufacturers create the tables at various prices to suit the budget of the user. A bristle brush, mild soap, and water can be used to clean the frame and tabletops. However, the data ports should be cleaned out with the bristle brush.

Comfortability and Flexibility

The tables are comfortable and can adapt quickly to persons of different shapes and sizes. It has a seating height of about 76cm and is available in various dimensions.


The conference table with data port made in Turkey is very convenient, durable, and comfortable furniture. The tables are available in a variety of tabletops and different dimensions. It is easy to maintain and suitable for use. The data ports are also flexible for connection.

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