• Table top 18 mm laminated mdf
  • Optional foldable top for space saving
  • Table top 36 mm thickened laminated mdf
  • T type impact proof rubber accessory, embedded sides of table top
  • 76 mm Ø chrome coated leg
  • 400mm Ø bottom plate with 6 mm weight plate
  • Stainless steel bottom
  • Adjustable feet

70 cm Ø

Hegiht: 76 cm, 110 cm

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Banquet Table Top Swatch

Banquet table top swatch-1

Frame Colors

Cocktail Tables Made in Turkey

Cocktail tables are very stylish ways to decorate event halls and outdoor spaces. The tables made of either wood, teak, plastic, or metal have varying designs in the tabletop and frame. The frames are made of steel and are electrostatically painted to enhance durability by preventing rust and fading. Tables are essential in providing comfort to guests and improve the aesthetics of decorations. They serve as furniture where guests can relax, place their items, drinks and food, and go a long way to enhance the mood of the decoration. The cocktail tables allow guests to comfortably lean and can be easily adjusted to suit the guest’s preference.

The tables are very versatile; they can be used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, kitchens, weddings, and other kinds of parties. They are durable and fit for consistent use.


Reasons to purchase a cocktail table made in Turkey


These elegant cocktail tables produced by Turkish chair manufacturers are suitable for two persons. The tables are multipurpose furniture. They can be used in an indoor and outdoor environments. The chrome coating of the frame of the chair makes the chair suitable for a cold climate. The electrostatic painting allows for use in a sunny environment as they are designed to prevent fading. The chairs support use in lounges, kitchens, cafes, bars, and weddings.


The tables are fit for long-lasting, heavy and consistent use. On the tabletop, the MDF material used is strong enough to withstand weight, waterproof, and safe for use. The chrome plating on the table’s base helps increase the frame’s resistance to corrosion and the ability to crack, dent or break away. It also gives the table a shiny look and prevents fading of the structure.


These tables are aesthetically designed in Turkey to improve the look of the indoor or outdoor space. They are stylishly manufactured and have high functionality. Not only do they serve as platforms to keep drinks and other items, but they also help to create a balance in the room and maintain an organized yet appealing look to the environment.


These tables are very comfortable for use. They have an adjustable height that allows the furniture to be used either a high or low table. The table bases are designed to allow for convenient movements of the user while seating and standing up.


Cocktail tables are very flexible and thus supports styling by various kinds of materials. Flowers, sculpture objects, coffee table books, beads, and a coffee tray can be used to style a coffee table and create a balance. Other items such as candle lights and stands, and natural elements can be used to style the table.


The coffee table can be easily maintained. The table’s maintenance can be quickly done based on the property used in the design of the tabletop and frame. Generally, bristle brushes, mild soap, water, and vinegar (in some cases) are suitable cleaning agents.


Cocktail tables are convenient pieces of furniture that are easy to maintain and style. They can be styled with various accessories to set the mood of the occasion and add to the outlook of the event.

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