• Table top 18 mm laminated mdf
  • Optional foldable top for space saving
  • Table top 36 mm thickened laminated mdf
  • T type impact proof rubber accessory, embedded sides of table top
  • 76 mm Ø chrome coated leg
  • 400mm Ø bottom plate with 6 mm weight plate
  • Stainless steel bottom
  • Adjustable feet

60 cm Ø, 70 cm Ø, 80cm Ø

Hegiht: 76 cm, 110 cm

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Banquet Table Top Swatch

Banquet table top swatch-1

Frame Colors

Cocktail Table Made in Turkey

Table manufacturers in Turkey design various kinds of tables for use, such as banquet and cocktail tables. The tables are designed for versatile use and stylishly produced to fit into any event decorations. The tables can be rectangularly or circularly shaped and can be easily adjusted to suit usage and the shape and size of the guest. These tables are suitable for restaurants and bars, outdoor events, sit-outs, weddings, decks, poolside, terraces, gardens, and kitchens.

The chairs are foldable, durable, flexible, and adaptable. They are durable kinds of furniture with impact-resistant features that make them suitable for consistent and heavy usage. The pricing for the table is competitively placed, and maintenance is easy. Chair producers in Turkey manufacture the chairs in varying colours and materials to suit event designs.

Reasons to purchase a cocktail table made in Turkey


Turkish cocktail tables are highly durable furniture. The tabletops are coated with impact-resistant features; the steel frames are coated with electrostatic paints to avoid rust and fading. The chrome-coated steel helps reduce corrosion, wear, and friction even in a freezing environment, thereby extending the life of the tables. Additionally, the frame and tabletops are sturdy and stable to guarantee safe use. The MDF laminated tabletop ensures that the tables can be used in a frigid environment without getting damaged.


These tables types can be used for various purposes. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as in restaurants, kitchens, terraces, bars, poolside, dining rooms, weddings, and living rooms. They can be used to serve cocktails, lace books and ashtrays, and also gardens.


The chairs can be decorated with fabrics, placemats, ribbons and other attachments to accentuate designs. Various patterns of long and lush fabrics, lace, ribbons, and flowers can be used to blend with the decoration of the venue. This helps to create an elegant look and highlight the silhouette shape of the cocktail tables.

Table base

The table base is circular.  This kind of shape ensures that the table is stable, preventing the spilling of the contents of the table nor discomfort of the guest while using the table. The tablespace allows for way movement of the guest’s legs and convenience while standing up.

Tabletop Variations

The tabletops are available in various kinds of materials, shapes, colours, sizes, and materials. Wood, plastic, glass, metal, and aluminium tops can be manufactured to suit the buyer’s needs.

Flexible Seating Arrangements

The tables can suit different seating arrangements in banquet halls, weddings, restaurants, outdoor spaces, and ballrooms. Buyers can purchase a blend of varying colours and tables to create a unique event design. TheThe tables are more suitable for two persons to start an intimate and engaging conversation.


The tables have competitive price ranges.


Cocktail tables produced in Turkey are budget-friendly, stylish, and versatile furniture that supports use in restaurants, weddings, cafes, outdoor spaces, kitchens, and terraces. They can be used for an extended period, are easily maintained, have various kinds of tabletops, and can suit different kinds of seating arrangements.

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