• Table top 18 mm laminated mdf
  • Optional foldable top for space saving
  • Table top 36 mm thickened laminated mdf
  • T type impact proof rubber accessory, embedded sides of table top
  • 76 mm Ø chrome coated leg
  • 400mm Ø bottom plate with 6 mm weight plate
  • Stainless steel bottom
  • Adjustable feet

60 cm Ø, 70 cm Ø, 80cm Ø

Hegiht: 76 cm, 110 cm

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Banquet Table Top Swatch

Banquet table top swatch-1

Frame Colors

Cocktail Table Made in Turkey

Cocktail Tables are exotic ways to style events, outdoor and indoor spaces. The tables have an appealing look that assists in creating a particular mood for various occasions. Their silhouette shape and artistic combination allow for different seating arrangements and in-depth and engaging conversation.

The cocktail chair produced in Turkey is durable furniture that supports long years of consistent and heavy use. They support indoor and outdoor environments in kitchens, lounges, poolside, weddings, and cocktail parties. Their protective features in the tabletop and frame prevent damages resulting from bumps and clashes.

The tables are designed in various kinds of bases that allow for optimum stability and comfort to guests. The steel-framed legs are also made adjustable to allow suitability for both high and low positions.

Benefits of Purchasing a Cocktail Table Made in Turkey


The cocktail tables designed in Turkey are impact and crack resistant furniture. The tabletop is made of an 18mm MDF laminated properly with an impact-resistant rubber proof accessory. The frames also have a chrome coating feature that increases hardness, durability, and shiny finishing. The table base is made of a 6mm weight plate for improved balance. The steel-framed legs are also coated with electrostatic paint to prevent rusting and fading. Generally, the tables are designed to withstand heavy and consistent use.


Table manufacturers in Turkey design this furniture with different options. They are available in various dimensions, height, tabletop, tablebases, and colours. Although the table frame is generally designed black, the structures and tabletops can be customized to suit the buyer’s preferences. The tabletops can be made with wood, veneer, teak, glass, plastic, or metal and rectangularly and circularly shaped. The table base can be cross, round, squared, bolted, or made with cantilever brakes.

Adjustability and Convenient Storage

The chairs have the optional feature of being adjustable at the tabletop. The tabletops can be folded and stored, and conveniently transported using a trolley. Chairs can be neatly held at event venues and retrieved when needed.

Versatility and Styling

The tables are versatile kinds of furniture that can be styled in various ways. They can be decorated with linens, wooden boxes, candle lights and stands, placemats, flowers and flower pots, trays and books. With these kinds of styling, the tables can be used in indoor and outdoor environments in events and gatherings such as weddings, get-togethers, parties, lounges, dinners, kitchens, restaurants, cafes, and bars.


The tables are very comfortable to use. They allow for easy movements of the user when sitting and standing. The height of the chair is also adjustable and can be reduced if it increases to suit the user’s preference.


The chairs are effortless to maintain. The moisture-resistant laminated MDF wood used for the tabletop makes the table suitable for a cold environment.


The cocktail tables are suitable for indoor and outdoor events. The tables are designed for stability, convenience, durability, and versatility. They are also budget-friendly, easy to maintain and style and arranged in different seating patterns.

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