• Table top  18 mm mdf lam
  • Made of 28×1,2 mm pipe profile
  • Folding leg mechanism
  • Legs are circular iron profile. Dia: 28 mm Thickness: 1,2 mm
  • Leg lock mechanism with steel ball bearing
  • All metal parts are 70 micron electrostatic painted
  • T type impact proof rubber accessory, embedded sides of table top
  • Stackable on top of each other
  • There is a 1mm C frame underneath the table which is protecting all leg mechanism when it is stacked
  • Rubber bumpers under the frame to protect the table

100 cm Ø, 120 cm Ø, 140 cm Ø, 160 cm Ø, 180 cm Ø, 200 cm Ø

Height: 76 cm


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Banquet Table Top Swatch

Banquet table top swatch-1

Frame Colors

Round Banquet Table Made In Turkey

Banquet tables are essential furniture types in interior and exterior decorations. Tables help to create an appealing look and inspire/uplifts the mood of occasions and organize the arrangement of an event and helps to manage different seating arrangements properly.

Banquet Chair Factory produce durable table options with folding leg mechanism. The table’s frames are coated with an electrostatic painting process to enhance long-lasting use; the tabletops are available in various options and colours to suit event decorations. These round banquet tables made in Turkey can be used for weddings, meetings, conferences, banquets, and ballrooms and are designed stackable to improve convenience when stored. The height of the table is purposefully and conveniently structured to aid the user’s movements while sitting and standing up. The tables are available in different shapes such as the rectangular, circular, and square shapes.


Parts to Consider when Purchasing a Banquet Table Made In Turkey


BCF chair manufacturers are seasoned experts that can customize varieties of tabletops in several kinds of finishes. The tabletops can be made with wood, wood veneer, teak, resin, melamine, or granite. These types of tabletops are made with properties to ensure durability. The variety of tabletops allows for usage on different kinds of occasions.


Durable chairs are economically convenient. The chairs are made with sturdy frames and tabletops that can be used for a long time without getting damaged. They are split-free with a solid outlook and stable structure. The durability makes them suitable for consistent and heavy use—the frame, tabletops, and finishing help guarantee long-lasting usage.


The use of tables for designs is an elegant way to improve the event hall decorations. They act as centrepiece furniture that helps in the proper designation of seating arrangement and appropriation of seating pattern. With tables, guests are more comfortable and satisfied and can sit together with friends.


The comfortability of the guest is paramount when designing the seating option and the decoration of an event hall. Tables help guests sit comfortably and allow for convenient placement of their items and drinks. The heights of the tables are standard and help the guest sit comfortably.


The tables produced in Turkey are stackable furniture with a folding leg mechanism that aids for easy storage and convenient movement. The tables can be stacked and piled on a trolley and easily moved. The rubber feet on the table’s legs act as a protection for the flooring of the event hall and prevents scratches to the tables when stacking.


These are solid tables made with durable properties that enhance their use in consistent and long term basis. The tables are made of steel frames that are crack resistant and have resilience against harsh weather conditions.


These chairs are easy to maintain. They can be sanitized with water, mild soap, and bristle brush.


The pricing of the chairs are competitive and budget-friendly


Banquet tables made in Turkey are durable and comfortable furniture that supports multipurpose use. They are stackable tables that enhance the aesthetics of event halls and outdoor spaces and are available in a variety of options.

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