Discover 6 Church Seating Layouts

discover 6 church seating layouts

The seating you select for your church is quite individualized, and there are several layout options to consider: permanent or movable; church chairs, pew seats, or theater seats; with arms or without arms.

The design of the church seating, however, can be crucial. Thus, this article explains how to go about choosing the best church seating layouts.

What is a Church Seating Layout?

You must understand the meaning of a church seating layout. The term “church seating pattern” describes a set of straight rows towards a pulpit or other focal point, much to theatrical seating.

The church seating block is often divided into three halves by one or two aisleways that run through the center of the church. Particularly if you use individual/church chairs, the church seating layout is very changeable.

Add extra rows to the back of the church or temporarily place extra foldable chairs along the aisles to enhance the number of seats that are provided.


What are the best church seating layouts?

It’s now time to discover some Seating Layouts that would make your church stand out.

1. Compute capacity with accuracy

The maximum number of persons who can sit on benches or in a pewseat in your church is 15. Give each participant at least 6 inches on either side of their shoulders. One person can sit conveniently in a theater or hall for each 6 to 8 square feet of usable space.

2. Make a seating arrangement

Move furnishings, accents, and staging places around your map with a simple drag and drop. Add specific dimensions by using the custom measures option. Additionally, you can designate seating for VIPs, visiting speakers, and churchgoers.

3. Take measures carefully

A 32-inch minimum aisle width is needed for wheelchair accessibility and safety. Remember that rows for wheelchairs need more space. To create specific events inclusive of individuals with disabilities, follow the detailed instructions from the ADA National Network.

4. Attempt innovative seating

When you apply innovative seating that ties in with the tone of the occasion, the church seating layout goes beautifully for outdoor events, weddings, and festivities.

For instance, hay bales covered in flannel blankets will appear lovely for a farmhouse-themed celebration. Alternately, you can add your seats for extra backrest and assistance if you’re in a conventional church with benches.

5. Examine folding chairs

If a seat has flip-chairs permanently fastened to the ground, you must circle the area and inspect each one.

First, flip the seats over. Then ask yourself if   Swinging the chair is simple or hard.  After that, sit down on the chair.   Is it sinking, lumpy, or a little loose? Please check your church layout app to make sure you have all the information and to exchange it with your venue. Remember to watch out to prevent rips or spots in the material.

6. Use dollies

Have a minimum of one dolly ready if you decide to move certain unbolted pew seats around to alter the seating situation.

Many pews have a secret anchoring method. Therefore, you’ll need to properly enter to unlock them and separate pieces.

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