What is the Best Seating for your Church: Pews vs Chairs

Best Seating for your Church

Church chairs and pew seats are the two best basic types of seating in churches. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages that should be properly evaluated before choosing.

The pro and cons of these Church seatings will be emphasized in this text.


If you spent your formative years attending a Southern Baptist or Catholic church, pew seats are presumably what you are most acquainted with. Pewseats – which line the aisles of the church space is typically longer than 10 feet. If this communion wine was long since neglected and chipped and stained, bonus points are added.

In our view, Pewseats are the best option for church seating. Pews are often built by hand, from wood, and attached to the floor.

Pros of Pewseats

1. Pewseats are frequently praised for their elegant and timeless design. A lot of people have strong emotional bonds with the concept of the church.

2. Pewseats frequently have plenty of room and can accommodate many people. For those who want to stretch out and for kids who find prolonged sitting uncomfortable, pews may be the better option.

3. In addition to being more durable than church chairs, pew seats also demand minimal to no upkeep.

4. The least expensive choice on this list is pew seats. For interlocking pew seats, the estimated price per seat is in the tens of dollars.

Cons of pew seats

1. Pewseats can be costly to fix and challenging to shift if the church is being renovated because they are frequently intended to be secured in place and sometimes are affixed to the church floor.

2. In the church, pew seats can also take up a lot of space.

3. Pewseats cost a lot of money and are typically not as relaxing because the majority of them lack back and seat padding. Many individuals choose church chairs since they would not like to sit so close to others.


Church Chairs

Church chairs have a metallic structure, are stackable, and are designed to be carried around the church.

Pros of church chairs

1. To provide more room in the church, chairs can be moved and packed easily in contrast to conventional pew seats.

2. Moreover, compared to pew seats, which must be built to fit the space, church chairs may be less costly.

3. Due to their padding and upholstery, church chairs are renowned for being more relaxing.

4. Additionally, you could discover that church chairs allow for a larger church seating capacity than pews do.

Cons of Church Chairs

1. Some congregants enjoy the vintage, hand-made, and antique design and feel of pews since many individuals wish to remain with traditions.

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