How to Calculate Seating Capacity for a Church

How to Calculate Seating Capacity for a Church

When it comes to your church building, strategic preparation is both important and difficult. A church without a plan is destined for instability and collapse.

It’s crucial to consider how many seats your church should have. The response varies depending on the size of the gathering.

In the past, replacing the worn-out wooden benches in churches has primarily been justified by the need to provide more seating to the building.

In this article, we explain the various things to consider when calculating a church’s seating capacity.

How do I calculate a church seating capacity?

1. Determine the number of seats

If each individual needs seven square feet of space, you should be able to fit about twice that number.

Depending on the size of your church space, allocate 10 to 20 square feet for each individual.

You can expect to fit about 15 square feet per individual, providing your church does not plan to expand beyond 300 or so. Keep in mind that this only pertains to the church space and not the waiting rooms or standing sections, where there may be a little more room.


2. Think about comfort and safety

Even while 20 church chairs could be lined up safely, that doesn’t guarantee that it would be convenient for the congregation to sit that tightly together. Although it may be enticing to want to cram as many individuals as you can into your Church, doing so could have a detrimental impact on your members.

Contrary to popular belief, when considering church seating layouts, comfort should be one of the top considerations because it will significantly affect how individuals feel about attending and appealing to others to join them.

3. Instead of pew seats, think about having church chairs

Church chairs make it easier to define the seating capacity of your area because each chair can only ever hold one individual while pew seats come in all different sizes.

Furthermore, church chairs are smaller in size. Thus, your church can accommodate more visitors.

Church chairs also give you versatility because it’s simple to reconfigure the room and switch out the seats for services and activities.

4. Don’t forget to consider storage space

Opt to buy portable, easy-to-store seats and trolleys. You’ll avoid a lot of prospective aggravation by doing this. Purchase stackable church chairs that won’t harm the frames or cushions. Buy trolleys that allow you to arrange chairs effectively so that they will pass through doorways.

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